Wednesday, November 19, 2014


It is a bit warmer this morning.  Actually in the low, very low, 20s.  The weather report on the morning news said that all fifty states had below freezing low temperatures.  "All FIFTY???  Even HAWAII???"  I found this at the same time the news reader was talking about the extent of the arctic freeze.  I remarked that it seems a bit odd to think that 2014 will be, barring something unforeseen, the warmest year, globally, since records were started in the late 19th century.  We experienced the coolest summer I can remember--much below normal temps.  But the West of the country baked under relentless heat and drought.  The hot areas more than compensated for the cold ones.

Now this is an interesting idea.

As a person once owned by cats I can attest that everything the Archdruidess says is absolutely true.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


I am not a great fan of either Anonymous or the KKK but in this skirmish I cheer for Anonymous.  Score so far: Anonymous 2, KKK 0.  Crooks & Liars has this account making me think the score should be more like 3 or 4 to zip in favor of Anonymous.

From the Adventures and Musings of an Arch Druidess.  Great jump rope that.


Cold. Cold.  COLD!!!  The TV news says 11F.  Whatever site Mom was on said 9F here.  And the wind chill takes that down to sub-zero.  But we didn't get the snow that is falling, and has been, overnight east of us.

Mom had heard a snippet about this some time ago.  I hadn't seen anything at all.  Bottom line: no one knows how the LSD got in the beef.

Sunday, November 16, 2014


Lazy Sunday.  I have watered my rosemary plants and fertilized them.  They are doing quite nicely inside.  I put a few more stitches on a shawl/scarf.  We'll see if I get anything else done.

I found this item with a prediction of the kind you sincerely hope won't come true but fear it is all too possible.  I have seen a number of articles over the last couple of years concerning cancellations of fishing seasons and one where boats came back in with no fish--at all.  I linked to a few of those in earlier posts.

Found this "Pocket Paradigm" on Undernews.  What a load of s$#t we are constantly fed by the self-help gurus and other such.  Worse is that so many of us believe it.

Saturday, November 15, 2014


Oh, it is CHI-I-I-I-I-LY this morning.  Only 20F.  We expect snow--a bit more than the flurries we had every now and then over the last week.

I have become very skeptical of medicine as practiced today.  I am always amused by stories like this AARP piece on the "10 medical tests you should avoid."  I laughed at the last entry: the yearly physical.

So Russia might blame the U.S. for its drug abuse problem.  Russia is unhappy because our troop withdrawal is also cutting funds to "fight" the opium production in Afghanistan and they are the nearest market for the product.  In truth the multi-billion dollar effort was marginally effective and were efforts to shift farmers to other crops.  Those other crops never provided the income opium poppies did and, being good capitalists, the farmers followed the money. Hitting the production of the arrangement hasn't worked in Afghanistan.  On this side of the world, South and Central American countries are unhappy because the U.S. is the market for the drugs produced in their territories and they feel that the U.S. should address the demand side of the equation instead of demanding they disrupt their societies/economies by crushing the production side.  Perhaps we need some out-of-the-box thinking.

This little piece on education "reform" raises an interesting point.  We keep hearing from our politicians and pundits how important education and yet teachers, overwhelmingly women, get very little respect and very much blame for whatever ills those politicians and pundits.

I have been reading about the drought in Brazil for some time now.  Evidently it is getting somewhere beyond serious.  However, I remember a Scientific American piece I read about 30 years ago each time I read another installment in the continuing Brazilian drought saga.  The Amazon rain forest is connected to the Northwest cold climate rainforest in this country.  Moisture streams between the two carried by the wind currents and they feed off each other.  The drought in the west this year extended over Washington and Oregon as well as California.

Amazing how religious freedom for some means religious repression for others.

Friday, November 14, 2014


Again we have cold temps and chance of snow flurries.  I am not complaining because areas south and east of us got slammed with 6+ inches of snow.  As usual for a first significant snowfall, everyone had to relearn how to drive in it.

I always enjoy reading David Kaiser's posts.  The one I linked to had me humming that line from Buffalo Springfield's For What It's Worth:  nobody's right if everybody's wrong.

This just about sums up the Repthuglicans and their election victory.

We should all give the Roberts Supreme Court a big "thank you."  I guess it all depends on how you define "the people."

March Matron has some really cute video snippets of animal antics.  Love the bunny!!

Interesting observations on the direction of the labor "market" in this country.  Doesn't sound all that pleasant.

I saw a headline that made me curious.  It said more than half of U.S. cities are too expensive for most people to live in.  I wondered if the article was referring to general cost of living or something more specific.  It was indeed more specific:  what it costs to buy a home.  I wonder how rentals are in those cities and other costs like food, transportation, and utilities.  Is city living any more affordable if you aren't trying to buy housing?

Thursday, November 13, 2014

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An interesting piece from The Contrary Farmer.  He makes an good point in saying that our so-called experts can say anything about Neolithic peoples because no one really knows anything about how they lived.  That is what makes me giggle every time someone talks about the Paleo-diet.  I have often thought "ADHD" was simply psychobabble for "high-spirited kids who are bored shitless in school."  Frankly, I sympathize with the kids.  And the Farmer makes a second good point: not only are the "experts" ignorant of Neolithic life--the don't know much about many aspects of modern life either.

Been hearing about this for a bit now.  The source of the bug, we are told, is Russia and government backed hackers.  Now, over the last couple of days, this story has popped up, though not much in our own media.  We may be too late to prevent Cold War 2.0.  And we can't forget that Russia isn't our only problem.

We woke this morning to snow flurries.  They have passed and now we have bright sun though I don't think it will make things any warmer.  In spite of the cold I stepped out on the patio to bring in the bird feeder and the water dish I leave on the birdbath for the little feathered pests.  Both are filled and back in place.  A more substantial and, possibly, sticking snow is due over the weekend.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


I love days when I read something and say "I didn't know that."  This article is one of those somethings.  It makes sense that some of the channel islands would have once spoke French but that they managed to not only retain the French but have their own dialect of French is fascinating.

We did our weekly errands this morning and were surprised to see empty shelves where a some items we wanted normally are.  We don't often see that because we don't go in for fancy or highly processed foods.  But both grocery chains were out of the brand of yogurt we buy and the brand of butter they advertised on sale had already sold out.  The dairy manager told us their supplier failed to deliver their full order of the butter--to any of the local stores.  We have remarked fairly often over the last year and a bit that the stores have fewer items and/or more empty spots on their shelves.  Makes me wonder what is going on.


I had a couple of odd thoughts on this story.  It is a shame that the children were subjected to such rude treatment.  However, I wonder if the fault isn't with the higher management of the company and not with the individual managers.  For this kind of incident to happen in two geographically separated stores makes me think that the store managers and their staffs are subjected to considerable pressure from the top to maintain both sales and sales per customer levels.  That thought makes be wonder exactly how good sales have been and how good they expect them to be.  Indications are: not very.


Only in the mid 20s this morning and the weather people say the cold weather, which feels more like early January, for the next two weeks.  We had rain as the snow stayed well north of us.  They predict flurries for Sunday.

So far we are very happy with our new TV arrangement.  When we didn't find an antenna that gave us acceptable reception we cut our cable back to very basic.  The hardest part was convincing Comcast that we really did want less service--they kept trying to move us into a bigger package for a nice low, introductory price.  What it was about paying too much and getting too little didn't register we don't know.  Finally, they did what we wanted.  So we get our local channels and a couple of the shopping channels which we would gladly do without.  We signed up for Netflix.  Now we listen to Pandora during the afternoon, watch Jeopardy and news on cable, and then go to Netflix in the evening.  We especially enjoy the lack of commercials--and look forward to reducing our overall bill by about a third.